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As a narcissistic abuse survivor, I now dedicate my life to help others like me live their best lives.

For 40 years, I worked a stressful job as a corporate executive in the mortgage industry. I regret not spending more time with my son when he was young, because I was so caught up in my career. When my son was 3, his father, an alcoholic, immature, and unreliable man, left us.


Years later I attended a divorce recovery program and unfortunately met a man I thought was my soulmate only to discover like spiders, narcissists entice their victims into their dark webs and abuse and control them. After our divorce, my ex-husband tried to financially and emotionally ruin me.


Based on this past tragedy, I decided to create an online self-help course to help women (and men) realize there are ways to get out of an abusive relationship before being completely destroyed by their abuser. This course will provide clear guidance on how to recognize red flags in a relationship and start taking action rather than ignoring or making excuses for them. They have to be ready to leave their abuser, and once they are out of the toxic relationship, the course will show them how to rebound, rebuild and reclaim control of their lives so they can live free from fear, abuse and torment.


I honestly do not believe I could have survived it without the love and support of my current husband, John, who has helped me remain strong against him. I’m thankful to God for meeting the man of my dreams and finding happiness, love and support after everything I had been through. My family loves John, and our son thinks of him as a father figure.


The best advice I’ve heard about anything you want to be successful in is to continue to think with a “day one mentality” and don’t allow yourself to get lazy.

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