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Own Your Mornings to Build the Perfect Day

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know that the first hour of the day is also one of the most important? Here's how I use the first hour of my day to set the tone for a great day.

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To own your day, it is essential to own your morning; specifically, the first hour. This first hour must be YOUR hour. You should reserve this first hour of your day exclusively for yourself, and you should not let anyone share or interfere with this time.

It is critical to your success that you take time for yourself. Make certain you never miss this important time by scheduling it in your Outlook, Google calendar, or other platform. I’ve listed my morning routine that helps me begin the day energized and ready to go.

Rehydrate Your Body and Mind

The first thing you should consume upon waking and preparing your morning drink (coffee, tea, etc.) is a whole glass of filtered water. Your body is dehydrated after a night of sleep, so this water is critical to your health. This also signals to our vital organs that it’s time to get up and get running. 

The Brita filter allows me to infuse lemon, cucumber, or fruit with my water. This is not only healthy, but also gives the water a nice flavor. Once you have consumed the entire glass, refill it and take it with your morning drink to a quiet, relaxing spot. 

My morning beverage is a strong cup of coffee, and I add Apothekary organic powder, and MCT Oil to it. Later in this post, I will discuss this product in more detail and how you may get it. 

Why Mindfulness is Important

Pick a peaceful and comfortable place in your home to practice meditation. Meditation is such an important, daily habit for enhancing your well-being. I use YouTube videos to help me through my sessions.

If you’re just starting out with meditation, I recommend Jason Stephenson’s ‘Start Your Day Well’ video. He guides you through a 10-minute meditation in this video. I also recommend ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ from The Honest Guys. 

You can find so many wonderful guided meditation videos. Just pick the ones you prefer and rotate them. I believe it is important to wear headphones for meditation because it eliminates outside noises while allowing you to hear everything clearly. 

Practice Daily Gratitude

After meditating, I go from a seated position to kneeling for my prayer time. If you are not religious, you can pray to your higher power or use this time to think about all that you’re grateful for. I begin my prayer by mentioning some of the wonderful things that happened yesterday.  For example, I’ll mention a dinner with my wife, a phone call with a family member or an old friend, a job promotion, or an excellent workout. 

There is so much for us to be thankful for, and I believe living in a state of gratitude is worthwhile. I then ask for guidance and strength for the day, especially for certain important events that are coming up. I then pray for my family members and those who might be facing difficulties. Prayer is such a powerful thing! I then finish by asking for more strength and guidance for the upcoming day. 

Spend the remaining 30 minutes reading a self-help or instructional book on time-blocking, success, learning a foreign language or playing an instrument, or any other subject that is important to your growth.

Why Consistency is Important to Create Your Ideal Day

Remember, you have to make the most out of this moment! If you’re not waking up early enough, you’re missing out on an important first hour. Without it, you might be jeopardizing your whole day. 

Being consistent with your daily routine is essential to your success. When you have a routine you follow each day, you are setting yourself up to win. When you have a clear path of what you are doing each day, you are more likely to stay on track with your goals and be successful.

Once you make this a habit, you’ll see how important this hour is to you and your life, and why consistency is important to create your ideal day.

As you’re getting ready for work, finish the last 30 seconds of your shower  with cold water. This might be difficult to get used to at first, but it is  like drinking 10 cups of coffee. You’ll be wide awake and ready for anything after this! Your circulation is improved as a result of this healthy habit as well. 

Also, it is important to eat or prepare your first meal and take your morning supplements. No skipping breakfast! We will go into more detail about supplements in ‘Own Your Supplementation.’

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