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Just 10 Minutes a Day to Find Your Calm and Gain Clarity

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own it with john and melissa

Hi, it’s John & Melissa, lifestyle coaches for people who want to be Fit and Focused over 50. It’s a new day, so let’s make the most of it and Own It. Today’s Own It Moment is a simple strategy to find your calm and boost mental clarity with meditation.  Meditation is so important, especially as we age, to gain clarity and fight the negative effects of stress and worry.


Own Your Morning 


Melissa and I always say you must own your morning to own your day! Meditation will help calm your mind before the chaos of everyday life sets in! Be sure to include it in your morning routine and wear headphones so there are no distractions during this alone time.


We’ve been meditating for years now, and one of the things I’ve always found helpful is wearing headphones. I find that the sound of silence can be really deafening, and it can be hard to focus on my breath when there’s so much white noise going on in my head. 


But when I put on my Uproar wireless headphones and connect to my favorite meditation app, everything else fades away.  I can really focus on the present moment. They are so lightweight, and the ear pillows are beyond comfortable; you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.


The other great thing about wearing headphones during meditation is that it allows me to block out any external distractions. If there’s a lot of noise around me, or if people are talking, it can be difficult to keep my mind from wandering. But when I have my Uproar wireless headphones on, I can just zone out and focus on my own internal world.


Boho Meditation for Free


Melissa and I just completed the Free 14-day Free Yoga & Meditation, which was so much fun! The videos are beautifully done. In addition to a guided meditation with beautiful music included in each session, you also get an empowering daily affirmation that will help keep your focus strong throughout this trip of self-discovery.

Boho Beautiful offers a variety of guided meditations and yoga practices. The 14-day meditation challenge is one of the most popular, providing an easy way for people to start a daily practice. 


The challenge includes fourteen different meditations, each around 10 minutes long to help Own Your Morning.

Purposeful Meditation to Gain Clarity


The first week is focused on mindfulness and relaxation, while the second week introduces some basic yoga poses. Boho Beautiful’s approach is based on the idea that everyone can benefit from a regular meditation practice, no matter their experience level.


The channel’s founder, Juliana Spicoluk, is a certified yoga instructor and is passionate about helping others connect with their higher selves. If you’re looking for a gentle way to start a daily meditation practice, Boho Beautiful’s 14-day challenge is a great option.


Mental Health Importance is #1


Mental health is important for everyone. It allows us to cope with stress, manage our emotions, and make healthy choices. For some people, mental health can be a struggle. they may feel overwhelmed by their thoughts and emotions, or they may have difficulty managing their day-to-day life. Your mental health importance is a priority, and meditation plays a vital role in your well-being.


Meditation helps:


  • Relax and focus on the present moment
  • Think clearly to make better decisions
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • To Set goals to stay on track and motivated

Wrapping Up


Now you know that meditation can help you focus, take control of your thoughts, gain clarity, and improve your mental health. It’s important to remember that no one said you have to meditate for 20 minutes a day.


But if you have the time, you can check out this guided meditation 20 mins session.


If you only have time for a short meditation break, by all means, do that with this guided meditation 5 minutes video! Commit to daily practice if you want to experience the full benefits of meditation. 


The more consistent you are with your meditation practice, the easier it will be to reap the benefits. The truth is, the more you meditate, the better you get at it! 


Need  help setting up a meditation routine, let us know!


Please take a look at all of our other Own It Moments and let us know how we can help you Own It.


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